Technological Infrastructure

Deris Technological Infrastructure

Deris Patents and Trademarks Agency A.S takes pride in constantly investing in the latest business applications, business continuity, disaster recovery, cutting-edge information security software, hardware and backup infrastructure. We diligently update our systems, as well as information technology policies, on a regular basis, mainly in the area of information security, according to current requirements and enjoy professional assistance provided by ADER.
ADER Computer Services A.S.
ADER, a subsidiary of Deris Patents and Trademarks Agency, provides reliable software development services in business, as well as file management, that is intended for use by intellectual and industrial rights offices and agents. ADER also provides bespoke customized software development services according to the needs of firms on a contractual basis.

ADER Computer Services A.S., which was founded in 1985, has developed the following software in the area of legal services in cooperation with intellectual property and information technology experts via analyzing the specific requirements in the intellectual and industrial property fields. As a result of these endeavors, it provides strong benefits to the legal field by developing information technologies, and continues to update the same in parallel with technological advancements:
  • EDDER I.P.M.S.®, Industrial and Intellectual Property Management Software
  • EDDER I.Y.S., Work Management System
  • Markangel®, Bulletin Surveillance Software
This software is used by Deris Patents and Trademarks Agency, Deris Attorney-at-Law Partnership and Sedin SA within the framework of a license agreement.

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