IT Risk Assessment Indicates Low Risk At DERIS

IT Risk Assessment Indicates Low Risk At DERIS

DERIS is committed to protect data of its clients. 

Where, home computing is becoming a new standard more and more, DERIS is proud to announce its secure and fully compliant Information Security infrastructure and policies for keeping sensitive/ confidential data of their clients.

According to the risk assessment process, compliance and audit effected by Complyscore® Atlassytems® on strength of Information Security controls and policies, Deris has been assessed as low risk company. 

The security controls were assessed based on the answers provided by DERIS in following areas of:

  • Authentication 
  • Corporate Networking 
  • Data Leakage
  • Protection 
  • Email AntivirusIM
  • General Computing Environment
  • Information Storage Protection
  • Outsourcing / 3rd Party Access
  • Remote and Wireless Access
  • Software Patching

The summary of the assessment is as follows:

IT Risk Assessment Indicates

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