2nd International Geographical Indications Summit Was Held In Ankara

2nd International Geographical Indications Summit Was Held In Ankara

The 2nd International Geographical Indications Summit was held on 19th - 20th - 21st September 2019 in Ankara hosted by Ankara Chamber of Commerce at Congresium International Convention & Exhibition Center.

The Summit, the first of which was organized in 2017 with more than 12,000 participants at the local level, had had international participants this year.

The Summit is the most prestigious, distinguished and comprehensive event on Geographical Indications in Turkey aiming to stimulate a mutual dialogue for sharing of knowledge and experiences among the related parties and create cooperation platforms towards commercialization of GIs internationally.

The Summit offered many opportunities for the participants including a contentful Conference Program, Training Camps, Geographical Indications Fair, B2B meetings and various entertainment events.


The Conference Program of the Summit focused on the following headings during 10 sessions, with over 60 keynote speakers;

‣ International Approaches on Geographical Indications

‣ How Turkey Should Proceed in the Geographical Indications Market?

‣ The Role and Importance of Geographical Indications in Rural Development

‣ Governance of Geographical Indications and Audit System

‣ Geographical Indications and Producer Organizations

‣ Intellectual Property Rights of Geographical Indications

‣ Geographical Indications of Ankara

‣ Innovative Models for Commercialization of Geographical Indications

‣ Best Practices on Geographical Indications

‣ The Impact of Geographical Indications in Regional Tourism Development

The first and eighth sessions of the Summit were especially fruitful from an IP perspective, which focused on the “International Approaches on Geographical Indications” and “Intellectual Property Rights of Geographical Indications”.

John A.Clarke (Director for International Relations - European Commission DG for Agriculture and Rural Development), Claude Vermot-Desroches (President of OriGIn), Jean-Louis Buer (Former Director of INAO), Dmitry Zvyagintsev (Policy Officer – Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) and Rocco Palma (Head of Cultural Office, Embassy of Italy – Ankara) shared their experience on the international approach on Geographical Indications in the name of the organizations they represent, under the moderation of  Prf. Yavuz Tekelioğlu (President of Local Products and Geographical Indications Research Network in Turkey YÜCİTA), who is the most popular name of the summit.

On the other hand, the speakers of the session about “Intellectual Property Rights of Geographical Indications” were Belgin Sağdıç (Assembly Member at Ankara Chamber of Commerce, Trademark and Patent Attorney), Türkay Alıca (Lawyer and Legal Counsel), Marina Foschi (Legal Officer, Legal Section, International Designs Registry, Sector of Trademarks, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications - World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO),

PhD. Benedetta Ubertazzi (Professor of Law, Lawyer), Boris Osgnach (Vice - Chair – Geographical Indications Committee – European Communities Trademark Association ECTA)

Rocco Palma (Head of Cultural Office, Embassy of Italy - Ankara; lecturer of International Trade law and Intellectual Property, Department of Economics, Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Rome). As a matter of course, the session was moderated by Hakan Kızıltepe (Head of Geographical Indications Department - Turkish Patent and Trademark Office).

Besides the exchange of views on national and international legal approaches and practices based on intellectual property protection, there were training sessions both for professionals and students. 21 trainers focused on what geographical indications is, how it is protected and commercialized for three days.

Both in the roundtables and training sessions, all the participants focused on the national sources that may be subject to Geographical Indication protection and the importance of development of the local production and hence local economy. Therefore, one of the key points of the summit was gourmet tourism, the rising star of the recent years. Local producers and local governments made an admirable effort to introduce the G.I protected products of their region to the participants.

The Summit and the fairs reached 57 thousand participants every three days and become the largest event in Turkey that ever held on the subject matter.

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