2020 AIPPI World Congress in Hangzhou

2020 AIPPI World Congress in Hangzhou

The International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, which dates back 1897 and generally known under the abbreviated name AIPPI, is the world’s leading international organization dedicated to the development and improvement of legal regimes for the protection of intellectual property.

The annual Congress of AIPPI will be held in Hangzhou, China this year, between October 11-14, 2020 (in 2022 we will accompany our colleagues in Istanbul).

As you may be aware AIPPI’ substantive work is the study of issues of topical concern in the IP world through Study Committees (SC) which are formed to study a separate Study Question (SQ). The AIPPI Bureau prepares Guidelines which the national Groups of AIPPI follow in preparing their individual Reports. These national Reports and the Summary Report prepared by the General Reporter of AIPPI are the basis in the preparation of Draft Resolutions which are then discussed at general Congresses. When a consensus is achieved, a final Resolution is prepared and adopted by the Executive Committee.

The topics that the SC will discuss this year are expected to be as follows:

  • Inventorship of inventions made using artificial intelligence
  • Descriptiveness as a defense in trademark proceedings
  • IP rights in data
  • Standing to litigate and effect on remedies

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