Anti-Counterfeit Project By Amazon

AMAZON, the international e-commerce giant, has launched a project aimed at fighting counterfeit products: "PROJECT ZERO".  Within this system Amazon commits to help brands detect counterfeit products namely with the following tools:

  • an automated protection machine which continuously scan stores and proactively removes suspected counterfeits. In order to work this system brand should provide their logos, trademarks and other information on their brands and with this information products are scanned to be able to detect any counterfeits.
  • a self-service counterfeit removal tool, with which brands can remove counterfeits themselves, as opposed to report the same to Amazon with the previous system. This is promised to provide a quick and easy solution.
  • product serialization, with which products are scanned, verified for authenticity and assigned a unique code certifying that the product is original. Thereby with this codification it is said that counterfeit products can be detected before they even reach the customer .

Amazon further states that for the time being this system is an "invitation only" experience, and they are developing this system to add more brands into their project.

Source: AutoAmazon

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