CANADA Joins WIPO Treaties

It was recently reported that CANADA has joined three WIPO treaties, with the aim to promote worldwide use of Trademarks, especially for Canadian brand owners.

  • MADRID SYSTEM for International Registration of Trademark 

Canada has joined the "Madrid System" as the 104th member, of an international registration system comprising 120 countries in total. Thereby Canadian brand owners will be able to apply for trademark registration 120 territories through one centralized entity, WIPO. Vice-versa foreign trademark owners can now apply for Trademark protection in Canada through this international tool, without having to go through national channels. 

  • NICE AGREEMENT concerning the International Classification of Goods and Services

The classification system of goods and services is harmonized across all members of the Nice Agreement. Canada has also joined this treaty, thereby becoming the 86th member, thereby trademark applications and registrations from and to Canada will be harmonized and in-line with the system of other member countries.

  • SINGAPORE TREATY on the Law of Trademarks

Canada has joined the Singapore Treaty as the 48th member which aims to harmonize administrative trademark registration procedures. With the Singapore Treaty member countries can freely chose form and means of communication (i.e. paper, electronic format, etc). Moreover, it is the first treaty to recognize non-traditional marks, such as holograms, 3D marks, colors etc.

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