Royal Sussex

ROYAL SUSSEX – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle file for new trademark applications in the UK

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have filed for two separate trademark applications in June 2019 in the UK, namely “ROYAL SUSSEX” and “Sussex Royal the Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex”. These applications, filed in the name of their foundation “Sussex Royal The Foundation Of The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex” were recently published on December 20, 2019 by the UKIPO for Classes 16, 25, 35, 36, 41 and 45, including not only charitable services but also stationary and books, clothing, education and training, social services.

The filed trademark “ROYAL SUSSEX” is already in use, especially on their social media Instagram account which has over 10M followers.

Other members of the royal family hold trademark registrations for their names and organizations, including a registration for the denomination “Queen Elizabeth” and “Queen Elizabeth 2”.

These registrations will allow and facilitate the members of the royal family the pursue any misuse of their trademarks.

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