Under Armour Files Yet Another Lawsuit For Trademark Infringement

Under Armour Files Yet Another Lawsuit For Trademark Infringement

Under Armour, a company that is used to enforce and seek protection for their trademark and generally IP rights, initiated a new action for trademark infringement against the company "hotsuit".

Under Armour is one of the biggest US sportswear company which has been on the market since the year 1996 and has been growing ever since, with reported over $5 billion worth of products sold.

It seems Under Armour seem to be dedicated in the protection of their trademark rights, one of their greatest assets and therefore has taken many legal actions as to trademark infringement over the years.

It is known that Under Armour has filed many suits against any use of the "Armour" denomination or similar, such as "Armore", "Body Armour", "Salt Armour", "Ass Armour" and "Armour & Glory", claiming likelihood of confusion with their trademark.

Under Armour has also been in Trademark Lawsuits against the biggest sportswear companies, such as Nike, Adidas, Sketchers.

It has been recently reported that they have initiated a lawsuit was filed against "Hotsuit" on October 8th, 2019, also a sportswear company, claiming that they have been copying Under Armours trademarks and that the similarity between their logos would cause for confusion among the consumer.

Within their claims, they specify that they have already been made aware of a consumer who has been confused by the defendant's logo for Under Armour's on the Amazon.com platform.

In addition, Under Armour has also filed oppositions against the trademark applications of the defendant at the USTPO in February 2018, which are currently still ongoing. In the meantime, they are seeking permanent injunction against the company Hotsuit and order for the destruction of allegedly infringing goods.

It remains to be seen whether the courts will agree with the claims of Under Armour.

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